Holy Light Upon Cold, Grey Stones


READ:  I Corinthians 2:6-16

“And to those who are maturing in the faith, we do speak of a wisdom, but a specific quality of wisdom.  We refer not to a philosophy of this age or a political perspective of these times- these are but transient thoughts – but rather the mysterious wisdom of God, the eternal wisdom that was hidden from the dawn of time, but that God has now determined to be revealed in our days as His glory made manifest in Christ and made manifest in us through His Spirit… It is the spiritual person who can assess the true values of things, in ways that the world can not understand.  For who has know the mind of the Lord?… we who have come to know the mind of Christ.” – I Corinthians 2:6-7, 15-16
I wandered alone about the cathedral.  The spires soared high above me, looking even taller from the inside than they did from the outside.  My slow footsteps echoed off the grey stone walls, making the size of my presence become much more in scale than my mere mortal form did merit.  Cathedrals are like that … they tend to both humble you… and, at very same time, … endow you with majesty.

As I stood near the chancel, I set my hand upon the massive, grey stone wall.  The old, grey stone felt cool to the touch, even in this hour of early afternoon.  But then, I moved my hand to another place, there I touched the old, grey stone where the colored light of the lofty, illuminationstained windows fell upon it.  Here … in this lighted place, the old, grey stone felt warm.  Cathedral windows tend to do that for a cathedral … their light warms the stone.

I then proceeded to a place where the stained glass light cast its warmth unto the well-worn stones of the cathedral floor.  And there I stood with eyes closed – in lengthy contemplation – bathed in that many-colored, cathedral light.  … And there, I felt its warmth.  And then something quite mystical seem to take place within my soul … (I know this may sound rather strange!) … I began to feel not only the warmth, but also the “light itself” … and then, I even began to “feel the different colors” of the stained glass windows.  I know … such an imagination!  But possibly … when we become sensitive enough to universe about us … maybe, we can discern the colors within the Light.  I experienced that moment in that place in that Light, that way. … I will have to take this experience to a Physicist some day for his thoughts.

When we mature in Christ – THIS I DO BELIEVE – we begin to think with a wisdom that is higher and deeper than can ever be acquired with mere humanly conceived philosophical thought or political theory.  Yes, in Christ, if we are maturing deeper and deeper into the thought processes of Christ, we can see and recognize the wisdom that CAN be found in most philosophical and political perspectives, but yet, in Christ, we can also discern where these mere human philosophies and political theories do fall short.  You see in Christ and the gift of Christ’s Spirit we have the blessing of having access to the mind of Christ.  In Christ, we can incorporate into our thinking, if we choose to do so, the Divine perspective, the Divine sensitivities, the Divine concerns.  In Christ, we can draw upon a wisdom far greater than our own, a wisdom which often will disagree with what we have always thought.  In Christ, we need to see life in terms of Divine Love, an unselfish, self-giving, providential, compassionate, merciful and eternally hopeful kind of Love.  In Christ, we begin to behold life – both its needs and its wonders – in a New Light, a cathedral light that falls upon us from heavenly places, a holy light that is filled with both the warmth of God and all the colors of God’s Spirit.

Yes, as Christians practicing the contemplative life, we daily and continually seek the mind of Christ … by allowing the Holy Light to fall long upon our souls, to bathe our thinking in all its many Colors.  As contemplative Christians, we seek a wisdom that is far greater than our own.

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