With Clarity of Eye


READ:  Luke 11:34-36

And then Jesus taught, “The lamp of the body is your eye.  When your eye is clear, your whole inner self is filled with light; but when your eye is clouded, your inner self will be darkened.  If, therefore, your whole body is filled with light, with no darkness within, it will shine forth upon the world, as when a lamp shines upon you with its radiant light.”     – Luke 11:34-36

innerlightGreyfriars’ Abbey is filled with candlelight.  From the prayer candles in the chapel to the candle in each monk’s private room to the Undying Candle, that candle kept alive in the center of the Abbey,a large, Paschal candle that is always kept burning 24 hours a day, and has done so over one hundred years since the day of the founding of the Abbey, Benedictines do find much significance in the power of candlelight.   Somehow, the candle is metaphor for living the holy life.

We think of candles in this way…. our soul is the wick, our days of life, the wax, the flame, the holy love of God, the light and warmth, our Christian witness.  As our days on earth melt away, our days of having lived become light and smoke, the light to chase away the darkness, the smoke to give praise to God.

We Benedictines think often of the idea of Clarity.  We seek Clarity of vision, not only so that we might behold clearly both God and the world about us, but possibly for even more vital gain, to allow the Light of God to enter into our inner selves that we might in turn becomes lanterns of God’s grace.

It is not an easy task, this clarity, this pure clarity of vision.  The other day in the wood shop, a gust of wind that came in through an opened door tossed a bit of sawdust into my eyes.  For a time, I was as good as blind.  After awhile, I was able to blink much of the sawdust away, yet a grain or two remained, irritating my vision, causing me to go through the day seeing the world through pain, tears, and aggravation.  It is most difficult to enjoy the world around you – no matter how beautiful it might be – when you struggle with dust in your eyes.

So we do believe that the Christian disciple must be quite diligent in the clearing of one’s eyes of dust.  We take seriously the washing away of the dust of prejudice, the dust of vengeance, the dust of bitterness, the dust of pride, personal and national, the dust of regret, the dust of fear, the dust of anxiety, and the dust that tends to be kicked up in our travels through the dusty roads of time.  We are continually cleansing our vision with self-examination and confession … to let in the pure and full spectrum of the glorious Light of God, so that we might behold the way things truly are and that we might shine forth with the radiance of God.


Brother Anthony of the Cross
(jim mcwhinnie)

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