The Splashing of Divine Love Pouring Into Souls


READ:  Romans 5:1-5

“So then, now that we have been justified by faith, we are at peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ; it is through Him, by faith, that we have been admitted into God’s grace in which we find ourselves living, and look forward with exultation to God’s glory.  Not only that; let us exult, too, in our struggles, understanding that struggle develops perseverance, and perseverance develops a tested character, something that gives us hope which will not let us down, because the love of God has been poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit which has been given us.” – Romans 5:1-5

OUTPOURINGWhile we share in dinner here at Greyfriars’ Abbey, one of the Brothers reads aloud Scripture while the Brothers eat. (I suppose … it is the Benedictine form of dinner music!)  The other night it fell to me to pour water into the water glasses at the table.  While I was hearing the splashing of that cool water into the glasses, Brother Elias read the above the Scripture.  With the sound of poured water providing background, the words with emphatic clarity entered into my thoughts …”…because the Love of God has been POURED INTO our hearts by the Holy Spirit….”  I had never envisioned that before … the image of God pouring His Love into our hearts!

I believe it is easy for us to understand Love as an attitude, an ethic, an emotion, a motivation, an attraction, or even an action, … but to consider Love as a something of “substance” that can poured into us, a something that can flow from one place into another like water from a pitcher into a glass, that might not be so quickly grasped.  Intriguing!  Yes, intriguing indeed!

My understanding of computer technology is shamefully limited.  I must confess that,at times, the inner workings of a computer seem to me to be somewhere between fantasy and alchemy.  But I am learning … bits and pieces about the technology, here and there, now and then.  Nowadays, I live with a stack of flash drives always at the ready, my electronic file cabinets.  I have learned that if I plug in one of these miraculous, little devices and click “save” that somehow the words that I first typed into life on the computer screen are then “poured” into these microscopic file folders to be always standing at the ready for my retrieval.  It all seems impossible to me, all those words poured into such a little device … but I trust it … and I have come to know that somehow, by processes can I do not fully understand … that which was originally residing in my thoughts is now residing within the miniscule bookshelves stacked within these miniature libraries.  And if so desired … someone could take my thoughts and carry them away.

Is this a metaphor for how the Love of God is poured into us?

Is somehow the Love of God with all its qualities, its dimensions, its directions, its intentions, its hopes and dreams, downloaded into our being by way of the miraculous processes of the Holy Spirit?

Is somehow the Love that is poured into us by God of a different, higher quality than the love we come by naturally or, should I say, innately?

Does the Holy Spirit pour into our lives a quality and quantity of Love that is greater than what is placed in us by way of our natural human inclination?  Years gone by, I might have simply answered, “Love is Love.”  But in these later years, I have come to believe and have also come to experience the reality, that, in some mysterious way, God Love does flow from God’s Soul into our own.  Somehow through the portal of an open, humble heart that is sincerely yearning to know more and more of God’s Love, God somehow pours Himself into our humanity, making us more than we were before.

On a human scale, I have observed this process of Love-Pouring-Into in my wife’s loving of our two sons, now grown.  Through the years, I have observed her love becoming more and more a real part of them,  A share of their Loving capacity is an endowment of my wife’s Love that was poured into their lives, day after day, year after year, encouragement after encouragement, mercy after mercy.  How much more gloriously so does this Love-Pouring-Into Process takes place between a Divine Soul and a human soul, when day after day, year after, encouragement after encourage, mercy after mercy, we experience the Love of God.

Loved Ones, allow God to pour into your hearts the clear, cool, fresh water of Divine Love.  Then, in turn, fill the glasses of the thirsty souls about you.  Maybe … quite possibly … Love is not merely something we feel or do, but also … something we pour from one soul into another.


Brother Anthony of the Cross
(jim mcwhinnie)

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