In the More Perfect Light


READ: Psalm 77

“I thought of the days of old, years long past, I did recall. Through the night I ponder in my heart, as I reflect upon the question…as I ponder, I ponder all the great works You have done. Lord, Your ways are holy…” – Psalm 77:5,6,12,13a

writingFaithfully, we keep our journals, daily recording and then reflecting on the happenings of this present Day so graciously and providentially given to us by the Lord. On some of those pages, we reflect on happenings out there in the fields of Greyfriars’ or in the world beyond Cloister; on some of the pages, we reflect on happenings taking place within the realm within our minds, our hearts, our souls. Our journal-keeping is meant to heighten our awareness of what the Lord is doing and our journal-keeping is meant to behold our discoveries in a heavenly light, a light that sees what we observe in a spectrum beyond ourselves.

One day I was watching a PBS documentary on astronomy. As a lad I had a telescope and that telescope enabled me to explore the heavens in ways beyond what I could naturally do. I often felt praise rise up in my soul as I beheld the wonders of the starry Creation. So I was fascinated by the astronomer’s teaching about how the field of astronomy observes the universe in a variety of “light” – not merely the visible light that our eyes can see, but light from further reaches of the spectrum. And in this ‘other” light, this light visible beyond our own limits, we can see even more of the hidden – or the seemingly invisible – dimensions of the starry reality. There truly is far more than we first do see. And when he spoke of this, I found once more that praise rise up in my soul. In fact, I daresay, that the more we as human children discover about God’s Creation, the richer our praise of the Lord can become. I am one of those … who have always found that scientific discovery, whether by way of telescope or microscope, only enhances and inspires my faith in the Lord. “Behold the works of the Lord and reflect upon them.”

In ways that are far, far more challenging, I find the same uplifting of my faith to even higher realms, when I observe and reflect upon the ways of God as they are at work in the human experience, whether it be within the person, within the community of persons, or within the history of the divine-human endeavor. Because God is at work within human lives and within human history, here too we must remember to …”Behold the works of the Lord and reflect upon them.”

Ansel Adams, the famous photographer of natural wonders, was once asked the secret of discovering so many beautiful places to photograph. His answer I found to be quite spiritual in its wisdom … He said, “The wonders are easy to find, they are everywhere; the challenge is to find the moment when the Light is perfect. Great photographers are willing to wait for that Light to arrive.” I find the quality of spirit found in the maturing Christian disciple has learned the secret of waiting for the perfect Light to arrive .. so that they can once more …”Behold the works of the Lord and reflect upon them.”

Sadly, … we are often too hurried to do much … prayerful Beholding!

Loved Ones, I have found the keeping of a spiritual journal is one way … of slowing down one’s soul, so that some work of Beholding can be done. You might want to try it.

Brother Anthony of the Cross
(jim mcwhinnie)

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