With the Wild Animals and the Angels

READ: Mark 1:1-11

“After Jesus was baptized by John, the Spirit guided Jesus into the deserted wilderness and there He remained for forty days.  Here He was put to the test by the temptations of Satan.  Jesus was with the wild animals and the angels cared for Him.” – Mark 1:12-13

“And Jesus was with the wild animals and the angels cared for Him.”  Such was it for Jesus and I daresay, so it is with most of us … we live in a world of wild animals and angels …. and most often, they take the form of human beings.

Brother Timothy, our Brother who is of Japanese ancestry, delivers boxes of food to the needy.  The other night while he was making his delivery he was beat up by a number of street thugs.  The police officer who brought Brother Timothy back to the Abbey from the emergency room reported that if it had not been for a very brave, young African-American gentleman who intervened, Brother Timothy probably would not have survived the attack.  Tonight, Brother Timothy is readying to make more deliveries of food.  We have cautioned him not to go, but his answer has been … “I will have angels nearby.

The Gospel of Mark makes a special note … that Jesus, while He was “alone” in the desert wilderness, was not that all alone, at all.  The Tempter was there, but so was the Spirit of God.  The wild animals were there, but also were the angels nearby.

I sometimes feel as though I am living in desert wilderness, a wilderness filled with concrete and steel, crowds and clamor, cold winds and parched souls.  The wild animals are of a more sophisticated and subtle kind, wolves with predatory words and serpents with cunning political maneuvers, wild animals with slanderous words and skulking schemes, zealots of all stripes more obsessed with winning than with building better worlds.  On occasion, I turned on the radio and I feel as though my soul is being preyed upon … on occasion, I watch the news channels and I feel as though the world has gone mad with violent ways and angry words.  And yet … and yet … I can see sense the angels nearby … here and there, everywhere … if I but take the time to cherish them.   Ah, yes, the wild animals are howling, but the angels are comforting with the courage that comes from the place of Peace.

franciswolfI love the statue on the grounds of Greyfriars’ Abbey that is titled, St. Francis and the Wolf.  I especially like looking into the face of the wolf.  I know that St. Francis could certainly sense the presence of angels nearby; but if you look into the face of that wolf … somehow Francis taught the wolf the sense the angels nearby … as well.  And I suppose, my Loved Ones, that is our mission here in this wilderness of our own creation, to introduce some wolves to the angels that watch over them as well.


Brother Anthony of the Cross

(jim mcwhinnie)

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